Custom Art Glass for Your Home

We create fused and stained glass art, tiles, kitchenware, and more. Add a unique and custom piece of glass to your home today and enjoy it forever. We are from Champaign-Urbana, IL.

About Us

Erinn Dady

I work in a home studio in Champaign, IL. I have lived in C-U for 35 years and have worked at glass businesses in the area. Please reach out to discuss your ideas. Glass can add beauty and color to any home and the art can be tailored to your interests.

Types of Custom Glass

Stained Glass

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Fussed Glass

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What People Say






  • Fused Pumpkin
    This flat work was made to hang in windows. It is fused rather than stained.
  • Calendar
    Most events will be on Facebook. September 7, Make Fest, Urbana, IL, Glass Art and Glass Necklaces.

Contact me with your idea or desire.

Champaign, Illinois 61821